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Fuel Tax Filing Method 2 - Custom Trip Sheets

For this method, we need you to supply us with accurate log books, and we will generate a trip for you in ProMiles® XF™ using your origin, fuel stops, and destination. We also use a printout of your dispatch data.

Driver Daily Log Example
(Click to enlarge)

With this option, you will receive the following:

  • Tax Summary
  • State Report*
  • Unladen Miles Report
  • Unit Counts*
  • Trips by Unit Report
  • IRP Report*
  • Audit Detail*
  • Reefer Report*
  • Fuel Report*
  • Copy of Report Filings
  • MPG Report*
  • UCR Report*
  • Equipment List*
  • Monthly Recap
    (by unit & fleet)
  • Quarterly Recap
    (by unit & fleet)

*These reports are available by request.  Read report definitions here.

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