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Fuel Tax Filing Method 3 - Customer Supplied Totals

Don't want to send trips to Road Legal every month? That's OK!  Just send us the total miles traveled and the total gallons of fuel purchased at the end of each quarter.  We will then process your totals in ProMiles® Fuel Tax program.  Remember!! All miles MUST BE BROKEN DOWN BY STATE AND UNIT!

Total miles... (click to enlarge)  Total fuel... (click to enlarge)

With this option, you will receive the following:

  • Tax Summary
  • State Report*
  • Unladen Miles Report
  • Unit Counts*
  • Trips by Unit Report
  • IRP Report*
  • Audit Detail*
  • Reefer Report*
  • Fuel Report*
  • Copy of Report Filings
  • MPG Report*
  • UCR Report*
  • Equipment List*
  • Monthly Recap
    (by unit & fleet)
  • Quarterly Recap
    (by unit & fleet)

*These reports are available by request.  Read report definitions here.

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