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Instructions for Completing I.V.M.R.

  1. Company Name
    Show the individual or Company name under which the apportioned plates were issued.

  2. Unit#
    This is the unit number assigned by the company and which is shown on the apportioned plates.

  3. Origin
    The origin is the city your truck was in when you first put on your apportioned plate. When you complete an I.V.M.R., the final entry (destination) becomes the Origin on the next I.V.M.R.

  4. Month/Year
    Begin a New I.V.M.R. at the beginning of each month. This applies even if a trip is not completed.

  5. Destination or State Line
    Each pickup, delivery, and state line must be shown (see example on back). All operations must be continuous (no gaps).

  6. Routes
    All roads traveled must be shown. State Auditors must be able to trace your trucks' operations on the map in order to determine the accuracy of your figures.

  7. L/E (Loaded or Empty) - this is optional!
    Indicate whether loaded or empty using either "L" or "E". Auditors will often spot check bill of sales, manifests, scale tickets, fuel receipts, etc.

  8. Odometer Entry - this is optional!
    Enter beginning and ending odometer readings as you enter and leave each state. NOTE:   (A Trip Sheet must have One of two things; either [1] Odometer readings per State or [2] Your routing information)

  9. Trip Miles
    A "Trip" is defined as the total # of miles from the point of picking up the load to the delivery point. Deadhead miles should be shown on the next trip (unless you are returning back home).

  10. Purchases Gal/State
    Show the # of gallons and the state where the fuel was purchased. All purchases must be shown adjacent to the entry for that States' miles. Round off to the nearest Whole Gallon.

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