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FMCSA (Federal Authorities)

We can obtain Federal Authority (issued in about 20 days) and the US DOT number (if you don't already have one) almost immediately (Call for details).  Federal Authority can be granted as a Common, Contract, Household Goods and Passenger Carriers.  We can also file for Broker and Freight forwarder authority.

Who Needs Federal Authority?

You must file Federal authority if:

  • You are crossing a state line for hire.

  • You must have the new FMCSA authority with the US DOT number.  (Please remember that Federal authority is Not based on GVW.)

  • Your company needs an address change, name change, transfer or a reinstatement, we can do those also.

Who Doesn't Need Federal Authority?

  • Private or exempt carriers do not have to apply for Federal authority, but you must have a USDOT number and UCR.

We can put you in touch with Insurance companies that can write and file the correct amount of insurance you need to obtain your authority. 

MX numbers can be filed for Mexican citizens for the following four states:

  • Texas
  • New Mexico
  • Arizona
  • California



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