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Legal Steps

The following are the steps you need to take to cross State lines:

  1. File for the Authority and the MCS 150, 150 A or 150 B with the FMCSA (formerly Federal Highway Administration).
  2. The numbers are issued immediately (if no problems). Please, remember the numbers are still pending.
  3. For the MC number to become active the following will need to be done:
    1. Have your insurance agent request that the liability (BMX 91X), cargo (BMC 34), bond (BMC84), or trust fund (BMC 85) for a broker, be filed.
    2. Have the Process Agents filed. Please remember that all applicants must go through a 10-day waiting period. The process starts the day the MC number is posted in the Federal Register.
  4. Once the Insurance and Process Agents are on file, the Authority will be mailed to you.
  5. While waiting on Authority to be granted, we can file for the IFTA and the Road and Mileage Tax Credentials for KY, NM, NY and OR, and the UCR.
  6. After receiving the USDOT number, your company will be informed the date of the USDOT. The audit will consist of but not limited to the following:
    1. Driver Qualification files
    2. Maintenance files on all trucks and trailers
    3. Logs and supporting documents
    4. Medical card, CDL, and Drug and Alcohol Testing
    5. Accident Register
    6. Financial Responsibility (MSC90)
    7. All Hazmat papers and documents if you transport hazmat.

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